It has been a while since we last met. But just like with good friends that doesn't matter. When you run in to each other there is always a lot to talk about. Well, same here; so much has happened since we sent you the last CONNECTED! Another weekend in Spain, this time with all PNO senior consultants. You'll find some footage of it in this edition of CONNECTED! Also some office changes: PNO opened a new office in Barcelona Spain and as we speak, our Rotterdam office is moving to Rijswijk. We welcomed a lot of new colleagues and said goodbye to the ones who made a career change outside PNO. And on top of this all we connected with life sciences & health expert ttopstart.

Hence, there was a lot going on but that didn't stop you from doing your utmost to deliver the best results for PNO! And that payed off, as you will read in the interview with CEO Peter Zwart.

Despite all the hard work there is always room for fun and relaxation. Have a look at what Lars van der Meulen does in his spare time. Get to know Kris Limpens and Rolf Huizinga. Or listen to the favourite music of some of your colleagues. Or even better, hook up with them on LinkedIn and start a connection for life! Cook Marina Dora Tavano's favourite dish or challenge yourself and read the (somewhat heavy to digest) Meme Machine. And if you are in for a cool weekend, then go to Leipzig. Ringo Thomas is happy to give you a tour.

So you see, this CONNECTED! is the perfect way to catch up, and I hope it will not take too long before we meet again. After all, what is more worthwhile than being with friends?

Yours truly,

Bernard van Leeuwen

Manager Marketing & Communication