Looking back at the fourth PNO weekend in Denia, Spain, we know one thing for sure: PNO is an enthusiastic, fun, creative and most of all committed bunch of people! 65 senior consultants from all over Europe gathered in Spain last year from September 20 to 23, to connect, inspire and yes, to also enjoy the Spanish sun for a bit.

But it wasn’t all about fun. Being in a transition itself, PNO needs all input and inspiration it can get from the ones with the most practical experience: senior consultants. As you probably know, PNO is in the process of transformation towards an integrated innovation and grants consultancy. That means that we want to be able to deliver integral consultancy services to innovative organisations. From idea to introduction, strategic innovation advice, applying for public funding, unburdening clients with compliance services: you name it. The secret of our success – and at the same time the key challenge for PNO – is in the word ‘integrated’. Looking from a distance to the clients’ case and come up with an integrated advice, thereby making use of all relevant assets PNO has to offer. The weekend in Spain offered an excellent opportunity to make optimal use of the experience present – and to do a little bit of empowering as well. So, the main theme of the weekend in Spain was: how do we need to innovate PNO and what can you do to contribute to PNO’s goals? Or, more specific: how can you, as a senior consultant, take your ‘younger’ colleagues in tow, stimulate and be open to new ideas and teach them the tricks of the trade towards an integrated innovation and grants consultancy?

This magazine is nor the time or place to thoroughly explore this topic; you will get lots of opportunities to receive and give input during work and knowledge sessions. For now, we would like to give you an impression of the programme and especially the ‘fertile’ atmosphere that prevailed throughout the weekend. Which we think cannot be better expressed than with the term PNOOGLE: a fun name, one of the workgroups came up with, which summarizes what they think is PNO’s most promising asset: the maximum use of our rich knowledge, network and experience towards data-driven consultancy.